The Power of Digital Object Identifiers

Digital object identifiers - DOI

Most online articles have unique, persistent digital object identifiers (DOI – say it dee-oh-eye, not doy) assigned to make them easy to find. If you’ve ever linked to an article from PubMed, you’ve benefitted from DOIs.

How do I find a DOI?

  • It starts with “10.” and is usually indicated by “doi:” in the print or PDF version of the article.
  • If you don’t see one, you can look it up at

What can I do with a DOI?

  • Find the publisher’s online version of a document at
  • Link to the TMC Library subscription to a document from their Citation Linker .
  • Create a hyperlink to an article by preceding the DOI with http:/
    (e.g. http:/ ).
  • Import the citation into EndNote using the CrossRef connection file.

— Sonya

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