Online CVs Made Easy

Create an online CV

There are some things I always seem to put off until the last minute. Updating my CV or resume is one of them. If you’re like me, then this new tool from My NCBI may be a real time-saver.

Create an online, professional profile that you can share with others using ScieENCV, a new web application from the NCBI. You can include your education, employment, research activities, honors, publications, research grants, and more. It’s simple to add publications directly from PubMed. You can also connect your profile with your NIH Biosketch from eRA Commons or your ORCID iD (sign up for one, it’s free and helps you control your research portfolio).  — Rebecca

P.S. If you need help digging up citations or have any questions, you can always ask us.

Contact Sonya at x54753,
Rebecca at x54128,

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