Mitral Valve Repair, Transverse Arch Replacement—There’s a Video of That

Surgery in action, a video view from the operating room

Repair, reconstruction, resection, replacement, even transplantation. If there’s a procedure or technique used in heart surgery, we’ve probably got a video of it. 

We’ve got video anthologies from the American College of Surgeons and the 9-DVD set of Advanced Cardiac Techniques in Surgery, among other resources. 

Movies We also have the Historical Videos Series of cardiovascular procedures performed by Texas Heart Institute specialists, including Drs. Cooley, Frazier, Coselli, Reul, and Ott. Most of the videos are on DVD and run less than 30 minutes in length—many are less than 15 minutes—and can be easily viewed here in the Learning Resource Center.

If you need to “see how it’s done” – when just reading about it isn’t enough – then browse our online catalog or pop into the Learning Resource Center and ask any library staff member for assistance. — Gregg 

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