Browse Journals on the Go

Are you struggling to figure out how to check the latest articles from your favorite cardiology journals without downloading umpteen separate apps to your mobile device? Try a free medical journal reader app.

I have tested 3 journal readers on my iPad, and all of them let you browse the most recent articles in a set of journals or by topic. All 3 also interface with the TMC Library subscriptions so that you can click through to the full text of items you want to read.

Set up a free login with the one you choose, then set up a personal list of favorite journals to check.

docphin - a journal reader My favorite is DocPhin, which I view through the DocPhin website on my iPad. It gives the best browsing interface for quickly scrolling through and scanning the tables of contents for multiple journals. You can pick which journals to scan, or go with one of their topic collections. It even makes it easy to set up a search for your favorite topic. There is also a link to check the Twitter feeds for relevant professional societies. When I registered, I picked cardiology and a starter list of journals and societies was ready to go. Choose “Texas Medical Center” as your institution and you will get the TMC Library authentication screen when you choose to read a pdf. Save articles to read offline by using the “Open In…” option and choosing your favorite pdf reading app (I use iBooks and GoodReader, but there are many additional options). DocPhin also has apps available for Android or iPhone. (Their mobile-friendly website works on the iPad, so the added bonus is that you don’t need to download yet another app.)

[If you prefer a more magazine-like display of articles, you will like Docwise (iPad only) or Read by QXMD (iPhone and iPad). I haven’t figured out how to save the pdfs for offline viewing, which is one reason I prefer DocPhin to these two otherwise great journal browsers.]

docwise - a journal readerDocwise has three main content sources: journals, news feeds, and a topic search. Its strength is the attractive interface that makes it easy to navigate and customize. To set up cardiology as your area of interest, pick Internal Medicine as your specialty and then Cardiovascular Disease as your subspecialty. Choose Houston Academy of Medicine from the Institution list to view full text.

Read by QXMD - a journal readerRead by QXMD also displays the articles as tiles, but it gives you access to a larger number of journals by using PubMed data. Its other strength is that it creates a customized list of featured articles based on what you show interest in reading. It also has some cool features for taking notes directly on the full text articles. Set up access to full text by choosing Texas Medical Center Library.

For a comparison of Read QZMD and Docwise, see the review in Modern Medicine.

Try one today!  I would love to hear back from you about your preferences and your approach to customization. — Sonya

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