Walk, Don’t Run, to the Nearest Path

National Walk at Lunch Day - April 24

I am not a huge fan of running. I like to stay fit and healthy, eat right, swim, and go to the gym and yoga class. I love to be outside, hiking in the mountains or the desert. I even spend a lot of time on the treadmill at the gym. But running? Not so much. I’d much rather walk.

And guess what? A recent study says that brisk walking might be just as beneficial for heart health as running. Brisk walking, like running, can reduce heart risks like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Good news!

Many of the buildings near THI are connected by skybridges and tunnels so you can get in a good walk even when it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet. I spend 30-40 minutes of my lunch hour, almost every day, walking. I don’t follow a set path (here is one of my longer walks) and I do like to change the route. There all sorts of routes you can take around THI, or create your own. We even have pedometers you can use to track the distance. Just ask for one at the Circulation Desk and get moving!

— Gregg  

P.S. For great resources to help you get walking, go the American Heart Association’s  www.StartWalkingNow.org.

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