Learning From the Experts

I confess that a significant proportion of my medical knowledge comes from watching television dramas. In my defense, I thought I was going to be a chemistry librarian, not a medical librarian. Several times I’ve been able to recognize the name of a disease and contribute to the conversation because I learned about it on House. I can’t watch the screen, however, when surgery starts (I wonder how I’d fare in a real operating room?).

Ever wanted to observe an actual open heart surgery? Are you learning how to perform surgeries yourself? Need to learn more about common procedures to help you do your job? Want to see Dr. Cooley in action?

We have a number of surgical procedures on DVD that you can watch here at the Learning Resource Center or check out. Ask for the list posted on our Videos and Exam Prep bulletin board or search our online catalog. By the way, what’s your favorite medical drama?

— Sonya

American College of Surgeons Video Anthology DVD - Click for catalog entryCardiovascular Surgery Bridge to Transplant DVD - Click for catalog entry

[Click on the image for the catalog entry.]

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