Goodbye, Google Reader

Say goodbye to Google Reader. As of July 1st, Google will shut down the service. Since Google Reader was my go-to RSS reader to keep up with news sites and blog posts (and the one I recommend in our Rapid Research Alerts class that some of you have attended), I am now forced to find a new reader. The alternatives out there are all a little different. I recommend trying a few to decide which one works best for you. I am currently trying out Feedly because it was easy to transfer my feeds from Google Reader, and it has a mobile app.

Here are some free readers to try:

Netvibes logoNetVibes works in any web browser. You will have to import your Google Reader feeds, but it’s easy using these instructions. It has a “Reader” view which is similar to Google Reader’s interface. NetVibes also has free mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

Old Reader logoOld Reader is in beta right now, but it is worth checking out. The interface looks a lot like Google Reader, and you can directly transfer your feeds. You can also sign in using your Google or Facebook account. A mobile app is in development.

Feedly logoFeedly imports feeds directly from Google Reader for you. It works as a plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (but not Internet Explorer). It is also available on iOS and Android as a free app. Here is a video of tips to get started with Feedly.

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— Rebecca

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