A Patron in the Spotlight

Dr. Paul Schurmann, a second-year adult cardiology fellow in the Baylor College of Medicine program, is an outgoing, friendly guy who immediately lights up the library where he is a frequent visitor. He must be popular with his patients!

Dr. Schurmann started his training in Venezuela, his home country, and continued his studies in Philadelphia before coming to Houston. After completing his fellowship next summer, he will enter the Electrophysiology Program at Stanford.

Electrocardiogram image

Electrophysiology is an amazing, exciting field, according to Dr. Schurmann, and his future career goals include developing better electrophysiological tools for diagnostics, in order to deliver more accurate and precise treatment to patients. He is inspired by the words of Sir Isaac Newton, who said in 1675 “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Asked what he likes best about the library, he said “the helpful staff and the variety of cardiovascular resources.”

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