Weekly Classes for Everyone

All of our classes at the THI Library & LRC are free and open to everyone – that’s right, everyone! So, pass the word along and drop in for a class when you can. We try to keep them short and sweet to make the most of your time.

Presentation classes 

* Impressive Presentations        Feb 8
* PowerPoint  I                       Feb 15
* PowerPoint II                       Feb 20

 Search / Research classes 

* Google Scholar                      Dec 6
(don’t worry, it will come around again)
* PubMed Basic Navigation        Jan 10
* PubMed Search Strategies      Jan 17
* Resources for Research          Jan 31
(access full text and more)
* Scopus (EmBase & MEDLINE)   Feb 28

 Information Management classes 

* Rapid Research Alerts             Dec 14
* Excel (spreadsheets)              Jan 4
* EndNote                               Jan 25
(manage citations, bibliographies)

Visit our classes webpage for times and full descriptions. And you can register online with the click of a button. Also, ask us about booking a librarian for an individual tutorial or group class at a time that works for you or your team.

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