Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness – What You Learn Could Save a Life

October is one of my favorite months. The weather is turning cooler and I can finally pull out those cute boots that have been hiding in my closet all summer! Plus, Halloween is around the corner, and who doesn’t love dressing up and eating candy? Don’t let those creepy costumes and haunted houses scare you into sudden cardiac arrest, because October is also sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) awareness month. The THI Heart Information Center helps explain sudden cardiac arrest (which is very different than a heart attack).

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness - from the Heart Rhythm Society

There are some great resources on the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) website. The website offers free talks and educational materials for providers as well as for patients. Free campaign materials to download include a flyer and PowerPoint slides.

Also, come by the library and check out our display of books related to SCA. Wishing you a happy Halloween and hope to see you on Saturday at the Great Pumpkin Fun Run!

— Rebecca

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