Stop Shelling Out for Articles

Pecans - NOT available from the THI LibraryPecans are falling like mad in our backyard! Although it’s lots of work, we are gathering and shelling them. Why pay for something when you don’t have to?

NEVER pay full price for an article from the publisher! Our librarians can usually find articles for you. (THI already pays for access to more than 9,000 journals.) If we can’t find them in our collection, we can look in several other “sister” libraries in Houston. If even that fails, we can submit an inter-library loan request, which usually runs only about $5.

If you want to learn more about finding full text yourself, call and we’ll walk you through some of our most useful tricks of the trade. I also recommend our Resources for Research class (register now for November 2nd). If you don’t have time to do it yourself, don’t worry, just send us the list and we’ll get them for you within 2 business days (we can often fill requests within 2 hours).


Just remember to call us before shelling out cash for articles. We can get them for less . . . now back to those pecans.

— Sonya

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