Cardiovascular News Delivered to You

“News Beats” is a compendium of the latest stories about cardiovascular health, disease, News Beats from the THI Libraryand treatments. Every day I search the major media outlets —from CNN to the BBC to CBS to the Houston Chronicle— for the best stories. For example, recent headlines have included “sitting for too long is bad for you,” “Americans’ lower cholesterol levels isn’t all good news,” “the deadly threat of silent heart attacks,” and “antioxidant-rich foods can lower heart attack risks for women.” The News Beats website is updated regularly. I post print copies of the stories on a bulletin board in the Learning Resource Center (by the way, we now have a bigger board—check it out).

I’ve also started linking to those stories on our WordPress blog. You can get the blog posts sent directly to your feed reader or inbox (click on the “Follow” button).

Talk to us about creating custom news reports or literature scans that can be sent directly to your inbox.  We can be sure you’re never in the dark about the news you need!

— Gregg

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