“Host for a Day” Produces new Healthy Lunch Guide

Our “Who Wants to be a Gold Medalist” game was a big hit at our open house and I got to be Regis, err, the host. About 12 contestants won gold medals for getting 5 questions right. The one question which generated the most discussion among contestants using the “Ask the Audience” lifeline was this one: “At 37 miles long, the longest, continuously-named street in Houston is…?” with the possible answers of a) Memorial, b) Main, c) Westheimer, or d) Little York. Do you know the correct answer? Come on by the library to learn this bit of Houston history.

Gregg's Favorite Healthy Lunches - 2012 guideWhile you’re here, take a look at version 2.0 of my little guide to (mostly) healthy good eats, Gregg’s Favorite Healthy Lunches. Since we gave out many of the original Guide to Good Eats at last year’s open house, I decided an update was in order. I visited more of the restaurants and cafés located within walking distance of THI, searching out heart-healthy items available at low, or reasonable, cost. If you’d like a copy, stop by the circulation desk or email me. And if you have any suggestions for next year’s edition, just let me know. — Gregg

p.s. Check out the Nutrition topic in THI’s Heart Information Center.

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